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Ellensburg High School class of 1969 REUNION 2009


Here we will post Pictures sent in to us by all of you (Good or Bad)

The Reunion Board
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The committee: left to right Betsy Billeter, Nan Hooper Bews, Debby DeSoer, Susan Jensen Montoure, Rob Fraser, and Punky Bender laying down.

Most of these photo's are Thumbnails - Click each one to view full size

Vicky Rehaume (Campbell)

Rob Fraser and Jim Jongeward at sixth grade camp in 1963 playing reveille

Beverley Green and Randy Taylor

Vicky Rehaume and Beverly Green

Nan & Betsy at a horse show. By far the 2 oldest competitors...
But we still showed them how it's done

Best picture I could come up with;
taken about three months ago.  Wife
Valerie, right, and friend KiKiTu, center.  
Didn't want there to be any confusion.
Doug Driver

Me with TaTaKu taken about three years ago.  TaTa is on
the right!
Doug Driver

Training Daze

A Story By Gary Fisher


This is me by one of my flying machines.
Gary Fisher

Preparing for a flight
Gary Fisher

Flying over Snake River near Boise
Gary Fisher

Relaxing in one of my flying lawn chairs
Gary Fisher

Daily Record Crossword 6/7/1969



Michael Brain

Dear Abby - Daily Record 6/7/1969

Bulldog News
Daily Record 6/7/1969

Check out the cost of Milk in 1969

Wow! 80 Acres with a 2 Bedroom House
Only $50,00

I'm considering auditioning for America's Got Talent, if the economy doesn't pick up a bit!
Bob Harmon

Found this amongst many old newspaper clippings my father had kept.
Fall tennis 1968....Patsy Johnson

Found these old photos of Jane Magers, Bernice Wells, Patsy Johnson,
Glenda Cooke, Diane Prigge, Tana Knudson, Kathy Barnhart.

The pictures are of my wife Shauna and me (Mike Olds)  skiing at Deer Valley

The pictures are of my wife Shauna and me (Mike Olds) skiing at Deer Valley

Printed in the Daily Record 6/7/1969