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Name:   What Have I been Doing Since Graduation
Mike Kelleher Dear ‘69 Classmates, August 1, 2019
I have been out of circulation for some time. Twenty-three years in Africa and now twenty years in California (SF Bay Area and Los Angeles). Presently, am in the Bay Area and teaching
Chemistry with UC Berkeley’s Extension program. This summer I am teaching a fast-paced Organic Chemistry course. In addition, working on a lot of projects involving character and leadership development for the youth. I was hoping to make the class reunion this year, but have a conference in Texas starting on August 3rd and my chemistry final was on Monday and I am in the midst of grading.
To partially make up for my physical absence, I thought I would at least share part of my soul with you. You cannot find me on Facebook as I am not into social media because I have
too many friends in Nigeria and would not get anything done outside of correspondence.
I am sending a few photos for our website so you can know I am still alive. One is with a basketball and soccer ball dressed in a Nigerian “shirt” (I learned to play soccer in Nigeria and
am still playing soccer and basketball in California. The Nigerian diet must have given strength to the ligaments). Another photo is in front of the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the most
important person to the Mexicans). The other is on a camel in Israel as we headed down the desert mountains from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. (We were traveling by bus; the camel was
just a photo gig along the way). I returned in 1998 from the “missions” in Africa because the Western World was
becoming the new mission territory as many people had lost sight of the Creator. One of my areas of greatest interest is harmonizing the truths of science, philosophy and religion,
especially with respect to the Spiritual Intelligence that is the ultimate cause of all that exists. As I will never have a chance to get together with each of you individually, I hope in the near future
to share the highlights of what I have been learning in this area. The exciting thing is that the discoveries of science, especially in the area of molecular biology, are yielding clear evidence
for the existence of God Another thing I hope to share in the near future is a song entitled, “Friends” that I wrote
in honor of one of my best friends who lived in Portland Oregon, and who died of a massive heart attack in his living room as his wife was preparing breakfast last fall. I had written the first
stanza of the song thirty years ago, but my friend’s death became the inspiration for completing it (the last two stanzas).
Have a great reunion. Missing you all, and hoping that one day soon I will be able to give each of you a hug in person before we depart into eternity.
Lots of love,
Mike   (Link To Mike's photos)


Punk Bender


  • Hi, Classmates. In the past 40 years we have all become a little older and a little smarter. Well, at least I am a little older and a little smarter. I still live in Ellensburg and married to Beth Knudson (class of 72) for 35 years. We have 2 great kids, Matt 28 and Lacy 25. Matt married Tina Law last September. They live in Kenmore where Matt bids commercial electrical jobs, and Tina is finishing up Dental School. Lacy is holding out for the right guy (just like her dad but not a red-neck). Beth and I ride a lot – horses not bikes. I belong to the Ellensburg Rodeo Posse, Beth is on the Rodeo City Equestrian drill team, and we go train riding when time allows. I am still selling Chevy’s at Ellensburg Chevrolet. Beth retired from teaching after 31 years and works for a program that helps youth finish their education and then places them in employment. I have been on the reunion committee but as usual the girls did all the work. Hope to see you at the reunion. I’ll be the old guy gray hair and glasses wearing Wranglers. My home phone is 509-925-5215, my cell is 509-929-6985. My wife’s email is (Contact Webmaster). I don’t respond to email, I would rather talk in person – see, I am a redneck.


Patsy (Johnson) Bacon
  • Have lived in Vancouver, WA for the last 30 years. Wife, mother, teacher, librarian, gardener, daughter. Grandma to Tatum (10), Haley(4) & Seth (1). Truly a “sandwiched” generational. A highlighted trip was visiting my ancestral homelands of Norway & Sweden. Have been married 38 years. Bob & I also have finally figured out what we want to do (since we’re now grown up) --- RETIRE! (to echo Sandy Evens) And we’ll be moving back to the Burg to do just that in a few years…...or a few years more……Just keep me away from those dang Indian casinos!

And give me my mojo (iced).


Dan Bopp
  • Still working for a living haven't found the golden egg yet. My wife and I will celebrate our 38th. anniversary this year. We are enjoying being Grandparents of 5. If we knew how much fun Grandchildren are we would have skipped right ahead to them. I am looking forward to the reunion to catch up with the class of 69.
Michael A. Brain
  • Just a note to let everyone know what I have been up to.  Came to Alaska in 1974 on a road trip and never left.  Drove truck, primarily on the North Slope, for a number of years and then had a major change of life crisis.  Apparently I thought law school would be cheaper than therapy.  So I went to law school in my thirties – and they accepted me – go figure. Came back to Alaska and ultimately started my own firm in 1989 in Anchorage and am still here. Was married and had 2 great kids. Now they are both in college.  So between the divorce, my retirement primarily invested in the stock market and 2 kids in college -- my new retirement plan appears to be to work until I am dead. Just kidding --- life is really good.  Living in Alaska (bears, volcanoes, earthquakes and winters notwithstanding) has been quite the adventure. I am looking forward to seeing everyone this September.  Now that Sarah Palin is unemployed, perhaps I can persuade her to join me.
Bob Broostrom
  • Another 10 years gone by.  Since we last got together my Dad has relocated to Ellensburg so I get over a couple times a year.  Always look up Curtis and have coffee and then to see Walt & Florence, (we lost both of them early in 2009.  Did  get there in April and Walt seemed to be doing good, but he passed soon after that and then Forence who wasn't doing well passed, so got back over in June for the celebration of their lives (got sidetracked).  My wife, Margaret and I are still in with the Garden Railway group and just did a convention in Denver this year, next year we will host the 26th national convention here in Washington.  Still living in big ole Rochester, Washington.  Looking forward to the reunion.


Vicky (Rehaume) Campbell
  • Hi everybody.  I can't believe it's been 40 yrs.  I still feel like an 18 year old and have been told by many that I may act even younger!  Of course those people are just being mean. Now let's see would you like to know what I've been doing in the last forty years?  So do you want a blow by blow account or the Reader's Digest version?  Probably the Reader's Digest version. I have one son, Billy.   A brilliant computer scientist, working for Battelle in Richland, WA.  He is married and has two children.  I'm a grandma, need I say more! My husband and I have been retired for 2 years and we live in Richland also. I worked at the Valley Clinic in Ellensburg as a data processor and biller for many years.  Also worked for my brother Doug, at the Kittitas County Title Company for 3 years until I met my husband Randy Campbell on an Internet Chat Line. Randy was a California Highway Patrolman.  I moved to Southern California, married Randy, and lived in California for 10 years. Now that we are both retired we moved back to Washington to be near our combined families.  Together we have 5 grand kids. We are currently trying to sell our house in Richland.  We have a 5th wheel and our intention is to travel and spend about a month in each state.  I want to see Roswell, the Bad Lands, Area 51, go back to New York City, and just see it all!    Hope to see everyone at the Reunion.


Joan Stevenson Carrington  


Mike Clapper
Susan (McElroy)
  • I'm currently living in Walla Walla with my wife of 38 years, Susan (McElroy) who also is a graduate of EHS.  We moved to Walla Walla in 2000 after living in Pasco for 26 years.  I worked as a railroad engineer on the Hanford Reservation until my division was shut down and I was laid off.  I decided to create my own job by purchasing a franchise and opening a Quiznos Sub restaurant in downtown Walla Walla.  It keeps me busy between 50 and 60 hours a week.  I'm looking forward to selling it someday and retiring.  The sooner the better!  Susan and I have two grown children.  Julie is married and living in Pasco.  Gary also lives in Pasco and he will be married in August in our backyard.  We have one granddaughter, Carlee, and two step grandchildren, Austin and Alexis.  I'm looking forward to the reunion.


June (Weisbeck) Coleman
  • Hi
    WOW what to say after 40 yrs.
    Life has certainly been interesting in the last 40 yrs.
    Moved to Spokane after high school then off to Calif.
    Three sons later and divorced  moved back to  Northwest.
    Now 6 grandchildren, told the boys they cannot have any more because I cannot afford them. (smile. It is great being a grand parent.
     Have worked as travel consultant for the last 28 yrs manager of local agency now.
    Love finding old friends and long lost family members.
    Married Dale in 95, Parents moved in with us 2 yrs ago so life is interesting.
    Hope to see everyone in Sept.
    June (Weisbeck) Coleman

    Have a wonderful day :-) Dale & June
Mindy Stinson Desens
  • First of all, thanks to the Reunion Committee for your hard work, and to Randy Campbell for the great user-friendly web page!. I married Ron Desens in 1979. He was a very cool guy who worked at Anderson Hay with me. After I finished school (CWU, Aerospace Science) and we had our first son (Arthur Jason, born the day after school ended!), we moved to Litchfield, MN to take over Ron’s family farm. Within a few years we became certified organic, and continued to raise corn, beans, and alfalfa. We started selling grass-fed beef and organic, free-range chickens at the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market twenty-five years ago. Our second son Derek was born in 1982. Both of the kids were very math and science oriented: Arthur majored in Theoretical Physics, Derek in Computer Science. I have no idea where they got that! Arthur’s long-term plan was to farm with his dad, but Ron was killed in a freak, tragic farm accident almost five years ago. Arthur and I continue to farm (I’m in charge of the market and some livestock chores, Arthur does the rest). Derek’s a computer analyst-consultant for Accenture, and presently is supervising a software development program in Pennsylvania. He recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend in front of the county fair grandstand, just before he raced in an auto cross (she thought she was brought out to the track to be the “flag girl” for that race). My primary business is Lucky Mindy Adventures, Inc., a Special-Needs tour company (all my clients are developmentally disabled). We do roughly 20 trips a year, mostly domestic but a couple international tours annually. During  the reunion,  I’ll be leading a group of 12 to Italy.  It was a trip I couldn’t turn down! I do travel a great deal, and Ron and I enjoyed some fantastic vacations to places like Australia, Egypt, China, South Africa, the Galapagos, and countless trips to Europe (I quit counting at 35 trips). I seem to have an addiction to Iceland, and generally make it back at least once a year.  I also had a wonderful trip in March to Viet Nam with EHS 1968 grad John Dearing. It was actually his second visit there, as he’d flown helicopters there during the war…I can’t be certain, but I believe this visit was more enjoyable for him, lol. During the last couple years I’ve become a very serious metal detectorist, and twice annually make junkets to  Colchester to find wonderful  old coins, buttons, and miscellaneous artifacts ranging from Roman, Saxon, Norman, Medieval, Tudor, etc. all the way up to some WWII buttons and shrapnel . My best  find so far was a 50 BC gallo-belgic  Celtic Gold coin. I’m heading back at the end of September and have three trips booked for 2010. I think this love of detecting was fostered when my family would take me and my brother out to  the Columbia River to hunt for arrowheads, and up one of the canyons east of Eburg to hunt for Blue Agates. I love to scavenge…everywhere I travel I pick up bits of pottery, glass, stones, etc… I detect both land and water; still hoping to find either a hoard or a 5 carat diamond ring! I promised Vicky Rehaume Campbell that I’d come to this reunion, and I feel so bad that I broke that promise. I SWEAR I’ll make it to the 50th, Vicky! (In the meantime, I’m planning a reunion with Vicky sometime yet this year.) I’ve only been back to Eburg a couple times since 1980; I’m guessing it’s changed a great deal. I’ll be honest now and admit that I had a horrible time in high school; I wish I could do it over again. Not. Oh well, c’est la vie.


Debby DeSoer
  • I've been back in the 'burg since September of 2005. I got a job as the director at the public library right after I got my Masters of Library and Information Services. Talk about a late bloomer! What a trip going back to school after thirty years. When I threatened to quit early on my son said, "Suck it up mom, you can do it."
    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. I'm going to have a Pooh Corner Reunion Brunch at my house Sunday morning. Everyone is invited. Probably not too early though because who knows what time we'll be getting to bed after the bash at Springwood...
David Dunnington
  • Family practice physician in Arlington 1980-present.
    Married to Margaret.
    Three Children--1.Lauren, age 29, MA in Public Health UNC; 2. Allan, age 23 senior SPU; 3. Erin, age 20, junior SPU
Linda Robertson Eaton
  • My husband, Ken and I are now back in Ellensburg after living in Plains, Montana for three years. We purchased 160 acres, built our dream home, had a few cattle and thoroughly loved living in Montana. But, as you all know, life can take a sharp turn. We are now helping Ken's folks with the cattle ranch half way down the canyon road. They needed our help and we felt that we were doing God's will by coming back to E-burg. We have 5 beautiful grandchildren whom all live close by. Ken is living out his dream of cattle ranching and I am spending as much time as I can with my grandkids and traveling whenever possible. Can't wait for the reunion to see and visit with all my classmates. Forty years, unbelievable!!!!
Joan (Scott) Elmer
  • Still living in and loving Denver, Colorado…..and am back in school, pursing a Masters Degree in Project Management.  I learned that human knowledge has doubled in the last ten years and after asking myself in mine had, (the answer was “no”) I decided to try and do something about it.  Plan to graduate mid- 2010! I have two large dogs (my “girls”), that I adopted when they were 8 wks of age and are now 5 years old, who I dearly love and enjoy…..not to mention they keep me extremely active!  My beautiful 26 year old son, Michael, and his lovely girlfriend, Sarah, are doing well and live in the Seattle area (miss not having them closerLL).  Other than that I’m just thankful for every moment and been staying active in community and professional organizations, hanging with my friends, planting flowers,  playing “Bunco” ,  and keeping in touch with Betsy Billeter and Dennis Miller!
    Kudos’ to the Boogie ’69-09 Reunion Committee! Awesome website and communications!!! I’m looking forward to seeing and catching up with my classmates!   
    Hugs to Everyone - Joan
Bill Essex
  • To much to tell


Charlene Finn
  • 40 years in 300 words! ha. I am a fiction writer, working on my second novel GRAFFITI as my first, THE ORCHARD KEEPERS is on submission to editors through my literary agent. I have two kids,  my youngest, a daughter just graduated from college our oldest, our son, the year before.  He has a great job!! (an accomplishment these days) working in renewable energy in San Francisco.  My husband still works as an ER doc at an ER in the Providence system in Everett,  WA.  We happily live in Seattle on Capitol hill, where in addition to writing novels I tutor  ESL middle school kids in creative writing through a literacy center, 826 Seattle. The things we like to do the most are travel, lots of road biking and down hill skiing.  Never able to get "E-burg's" rural setting out of my system, I have an extensive vegetable and flower garden in my city back yard.  My husband calls me a foodie, as I love to go to farmer's markets and cook for my family and friends.


Rob Fraser
  • Hello,   Rob Fraser here.  I haven't been able to attend many reunions, maybe just the 10 year, so haven't seen many of you for too long of a time. My wife, Gaylene Leavitt-Fraser, and I moved to NYC in the late '70s and moved back to the Burg in 2006.  We have been married 38 years in July and have a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son.  I'm happy to report that, in lieu of our children's ages, we have no grandchildren.  We got a late start on the family building part of our lives.  I was a Freelance Photographer while in NYC and Gaylene (class of '70) was a  commercial artist's agent. We enjoy being back in the Burg... except for that damn April-March wind.  It's soooo cold on my old bones.  We both look forward to seeing many of you at the reunion.  I will actually be playing in the band at our reunion along with Al Kaatz and Wayne Hunt.  Yes, I can still "rock out"... once in a while. See you soon.
Kimie Fujimoto
aka Phyllis Kimie Pocock
  • Since 1969, I have lived in Utah, California and Washington.  I have had various occupations, including running a small homestead, posing as an artist's model, harvesting mussels, and organic salad growing.  In 1984, I returned to school to study art and graduated in 1991 with a BFA.  I was married for eighteen years, then divorced in 2007.  In 2007, I reconnected with my high school boyfriend, Allen Kaatz.  I'm currently attending the Seattle Eastside Feldenkrais Training.  When not in session, I am working in my studio and  creating a new vegetable and flower garden in our backyard.
Pat and Johnnie Geoghegan
  • Hello All,
    After living in Arizona for 22 years, Johnnie and I moved to Oklahoma 5 1/2 years ago. I still push pizza for a living and Johnnie does medical contracting. We have 2 children, a son, Nate who lives in Italy. He is married and god willing will give us our first grand child in February. Our daughter Jen is married and lives in Scottsdale, AZ, she is a plastic surgeon and way to busy building a practice to give us grand children. Johnnie and I can't wait to see old friends and catch up on what you all have been doing. See you there!
    Pat Geoghegan
Dan Graaff
  • I have been residing in Portland Ore. and have been married to Janet-1980 to present.  We have a great 14-year-old daughter, Allison-entering Grant H/S.  She is in track and has been a Jazz & symphonic band musician during the past three years.
    In the summer, we horseback for relaxation and snow ski in the winter for the need for speed!  My body is holding up fairly well, and the carburetor seems to keep me running and playing pretty good these days.  I exercise daily by running and strength training and seem to make it home without hurting-or I am sloughing off?  I am a market strategist and business developer for Cenveo corporation, working for the Portland location.  I have developed a few businesses with partners and have wound them down as well.  So, my life has been up and down like many, but I really count my blessings for what health and family and friends I do have to enjoy.  I hope all my classmates feel blessed and are doing well too. dg
Tim & Lynell Greer
  • Lynell (my CWSC catch) and I have been together for over 37 years, pretty much ever since leaving the ‘Burg in 1974.  We think of our Ellensburg days often, and are really looking forward to the reunion.  We’ve been living in Phoenix, where I worked as a radio DJ for years and then started a computer consulting business.  Lynell has been working in health care, and has been a registered dietitian for 20+ years. We have two girls, Stella and Lacey, 23 & 22. To compensate for our empty nest, we have taken up flying, taking advantage of the great weather the Southwest offers.  We love traveling in Mexico, and recently had a great adventure flying down the Baja.  See you soon… 
Scott Hammond
  • Scott Hammond (voted most likely to be Scott Hammond) What have I been doing....Hmmmmm
    After 32 years of being an army corpsman, EMT, and Paramedic at E.F.D and Cle Elum (including a short stint as a Fire Captain at E.F.D. – until I hosed the reserve cop) like Steve Martin in “The Jerk”; I finally found my purpose...proving that God is indeed a “Funny Guy”!
    As the principal at Blue Creek Landscape, Inc. dba Aquascape by Blue Creek; I have been designing and installing naturalistic, eco friendly, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance water features. Having become recognized as a Certified Aquascape Contractor and a Certified RainXchange Professional; I work with water, rock, and lighting to craft residential, commercial, and ecological installations.

    I am also a minority managing partner of a Texas based company; ‘Rockwater Consulting’ that deals with larger scale storm water, rain water harvest, zoo exhibit, and recreational water feature installations.
    The work has taken me throughout the country, Mexico, and Ireland to build water features. It’s a blast but I still suck as a business guy...seems I ‘give too much away’...I suppose that may qualify me as an ‘artist’ of sorts.
    Sally has persevered with me now for, lo, these 37 years. (yeah...she may be crazy) and God has blessed me with our children: Corina (34) of Ellensburg who married a stellar young man – David Fiske (Edward Jones Office Manager); Micah Hammond (Worship Leader at Tempe Vineyard) who married Jodi Shea (now a deputy prosecutor in Maricopa County) of Lynden. They reside in Tempe, AZ; and Kaitlin Hammond who is a Registered dietician residing in Dallas, TX working for second Harvest as a Children’s Nutrition Education Program director.

    Further blessing has come in the form of grandchildren...yes...I am called “Poppy”, and I am a blessed man! Breck, Rosemary, David, and Cecilia are ‘out’ and there’s one more arriving in January!
    Still in the ‘Burg’ after all these years...but contemplating becoming a snowbird!
    So...if pictures are worth many words here’s the rest of the story...
  • Link (4 MB)

Sandy Rowe Harris
  • I have lived in the Denver area for the past 21 years and we love the 300+ days of sunshine and the world class skiing and outdoor activities.  My husband, Ron, and I love to travel and will complete our goal of visiting all 4 grand slam tennis tournaments with a trip to Australia in January.  We love spending time with our 5 grandchildren and we take our 2 daughters, their husbands and the grandkids on vacation at least once a year.  We were all in St. John, Virgin Islands in June and we're all going to Disney World in November.  Ron and I both still work full time - we have to in order to support our love of travel and to build back our retirement funds!  Many thanks to the reunion committee for a great job!


Susan Cargo Hill
  • I married Redge Hill in 1972 and we will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary this year. He's just a habit I can't seem to break. We have 3 grown children; Andrea living in Tennessee, Ryan living in Danville, CA and Kyle living in Seattle.
    I began working for VWR International shortly after marrying Redge and have work for them ever since. I am the Director of Supply Chain Management and will celebrate 32 years with the company this year. Another habit I can't break.
Mary Smith Hubbard
  • Working at Yakima Federal for last 30 years.  Currently Vice President and Branch Manager at Ellensburg office.  Joe and I have been marred for 37 years.  We have one daughter who is married and lives in Everett.


Carol Powell Jackson
  • I have been employed as a Marketing teacher at Enumclaw High School for the last twenty two years. I Have two grown girls and recently became a grandmother of a beautiful grandson.  I am a recent widow and learning how to adjust to the hand God has dealt me.  The journey so far has been good and I look forward to what comes next.
Allen Kaatz
  • Still playing the guitar professionally, current interests include cooking, gardening, hanging out with my stepdaughter, living healthy.  In 2007 I reunited with high-school girlfriend Kimie Fujimoto (formerly Phyllis Pocock) after a 38-year gap.  Life is funny.
Tana Knudson
  • Working for YVCC teaching. Single. Daughters married, one granddaughter, Indi (2-1/2). Visited Norway 4 years ago, looking up Viking ancestors :). Went for a coastal cruise and visited relatives."
Gary Labusohr
  • What has happened in the past forty years? Life, some good, some bad. Some dreams realized, but most not. I attended U of W after graduating. I was in the aerospace program, but that is when the bottom fell out of the aerospace industry. I left the U of W and came back to Ellensburg and attended Central off and on for the next two years in the Mechanical Engineering program. I finally came to the conclusion I was never going to be able two sit behind a desk for eight hours a day. I worked for a year at Buchannan Chevrolet and found out I had an above average aptitude for working on cars. I got married to Cathy Breckenridge in August, 1972 and started school at Spokane Community College in September. I graduated in 1974 with an AA degree in auto mechanics. In February of 1976 on a Sunday night, Cathy asked me for a divorce. The next morning, I received a call from work and was laid off. Boy, what a great twelve hours. Two weeks later, the first job I found was in Pullman. I have been there ever since. I split my thumb at work and had to go to the doctor to get it stitched back together. When I went back to get the stitches out, the nurse asked me over for dinner. This last April, we had our 32nd anniversary. My wife Bev had one son from a previous  marriage, Thor. He is 43 years old and has a PHD in Bio-engineering. He works for Sandia Labs in Albuquerque. Bev and I have two sons, J'ean and Billy (William). J'ean is 31, graduated from WSU, works for Emser Tile in Kent. Emser is a wholesale supplier. He has a 5 year old daughter. Billy was born with Down Syndrome and is 30. He still lives at home, as he will never be able to live on his own. He has been the biggest blessing in my life.

    About 18 years ago, I rededicated my life to Christ and have been very active in the church in several different positions as well as singing in the choir and in many major Christmas productions.

    I also have been active in community theater, drama, comedy and musicals.

    I mechanic ed in the private sector until 1992 when I went to work as a heavy equipment mechanic for the City of Pullman. I injured my right shoulder in 2001 on the job and had to have surgery to repair it. It gave out again on the job in 2007 and they were not able to repair the damage this time. The doctor would not release me to return to work as a mechanic, so in July 2008, the city offered me a new position with the police department as a Code Enforcement Officer. It was a big cut in pay but, I got to keep my benefits. This was very important because of my son Billy's medical expenses and by now, my wife Bev has become disabled and her medicine alone would bankrupt me.

    With luck, I will retire November 2012.
Taylor McGlynn

AKA Kathy Kenney

  • First off, in 1992 I legally changed my first name to Taylor, always hated Kathy, and became Taylor McGlynn after marrying Liam McGlynn. Since graduation I have lived in Hawaii twice, Ellensburg twice, Los Angeles, Seattle and now Colorado. I have had 3 careers: Hotel/Restaurant, Banking and have spent the last 25 years in IT as a mainframe System's Programmer. It was a real burn out field, though, which I ended after being laid off from Washington Mutual during its recent demise. Thank God I was able to cash out my stock options before the crash.

    Since then I have been semi-retired but will be starting back to school next week in Nutrition Science an area of great interest for me. My plans are to work in disease prevention as well as helping today's overweight children.

    My husband and I enjoy long bike trips on our recumbent tandem, have recently started golfing again and have been taking Ballroom dancing lessons off and on for years but still only dance in our living room. I have started drawing and painting again and have finally found time to read, cook and browse the internet.

    Our life will soon change, though, as my husband recently accepted a position - get this - with a large and highly profitable East Indian Outsourcing firm as a technical liaison between the company's clients and the outsourcing firm. If I was still in IT I would have a real problem with this but since they are hiring a lot of U.S. citizens in order to help with our unemployment crisis it has been easier to accept. He will be traveling a lot so we will be staying in Colorado - we really love it here - and I will travel with him off and on as my classes are all online meeting only 1 hour a week per class. As long as there is wireless I can go. India will most likely be on the list as well as the possibility of Europe.

    We won't be able to attend the reunion but I would enjoy getting in contact with classmates, especially those that are living in Colorado.
Susan Jensen Montoure
  • I finally returned to my roots in 2007, or close by, when my husband and I bought a "mini ranch" in Selah. We have a million dollar view and lots of area to take care of. It is a fun luxury after living in Las Vegas for three plus years. That was an adventure we are glad is behind us. Had a lot of fun the first year and then the hot weather, traffic, congestion, people, etc. got to us. Luckily we sold and got out of there before the bubble burst! My husband is retired, but is always thinking about maybe he should go back to work. I am working as a legal assistant for a law firm in Yakima. We have one dog, Lucy and two black cats. Other than that things are pretty quite. Hope to see lots of people in Sept.
Rick Newman
  • Hello everyone.  How do you condense 40 years into a few sentences?  Graduated EHS, graduated Shoreline CC, entered Central, graduated Yakima CC, worked on tv’s, motorcycles, cable tv, boats and motors.  Moved to Cheney graduated from Eastern, taught college at Spokane Falls and Spokane CC, ran river trips in Idaho and Oregon, managed outdoor store in Spokane, VP for a commercial remote camp outfitter, traveled to Europe, Greenland and Iceland on trade shows and camp installs.  Sold clothing and supplies to DEA, Special Forces, FBI, Hollywood, geologic companies and more.  Got married to Donna in 1991, two kids, Alex 18 and Maddy 15.  Company moved I didn’t, finished basement, started work as a commissioned salesman for saw blades, high tech welding supplies, driven tools.  Spent my retirement fund learning the ropes.  Moved into power fence sales and learned about horses, cattle, and wild game.  Built fences. Returned to Power Fence Sales.  Worked on online computer training for retail store employees.  Got to travel throughout Eastern Washington and Idaho.  Spent lots of time fly fishing. Economy soured and the family was tired of my traveling 50% of time, so now I am cleaning out and remodeling the garage until I return to school again.  Thanks to Tim Greer he suggested Computer Forensics, Spokane Falls has a program that with any luck I can continue to collect unemployment for the two years the program takes.  After that????  Anyway looking forward to seeing folks and the Pooh Corner party!


Patty Ellinger Noland
  • Going to car shows with husband, Lloyd.  Spending as much time with daughter and grandchildren as possible in Oregon.  I now have four.  Working at Central (Work, work, work, retire)   working around our home with Lloyd, we enjoy that. That's it for now.  I know some more are coming
Michael Olds
  • Live in Orem, UT  (30 miles south of Salt Lake).  Teaching English at a private high school.  Being asked to apply for the principal position.  That should prove interesting.  Married 31 years to Shauna.  We met one summer working in Yellowstone Park.  Still one of our favorites places.  3 children-- two daughters, Ashley (27), Jordan (24) and son Ryan (29).  Both daughters married and Jordan is expecting our first grandchild.    Thoroughly enjoy Utah.  Hiking virtually right out our front door.  Snowbird, Alta, Park City, Deer Valley just forty minutes away.   BYU football games in the fall.  The perfect airport to get to anywhere quickly.   Also the best four-season state we have ever lived included Washington, North Dakota, Nebraska and Montana. Volunteered at the 2002 SLC Olympics.  Shauna was at the figure and speed skating events.  I was on the mogul crew for the freestyle bump competition.  It is one thing to watch the Olympics on TV…totally another experience to be in them. 

  • A big thank you in advance to the reunion committee for all your work getting the details in order for Sept.  It will be a special time.

Carrie Huie-Pascua
  • Married, parent of 3, grandparent to 7 children.  Currently working in the Tri-Cities since 1998 in the mental health administration and human services.  Lived and worked in Seattle/Tacoma from 1985 to 1995 as a mental health center director. Lived and worked in San Francisco from 1974 to 1985. Enjoy hiking, museums, mentoring, cooking, jazz, travelling and being with family and friends.
Sharon Raible
  • Married for 28 years to Steve.  My career was spent in the computer industry, and as a representative for Italian agri-tourism. I am currently the spokesperson for the Pacific Northwest Lupus Foundation and enjoy my animals and co participating in my husbands many activities as former Seahawk and current Voice of the Seahawks and as main anchor on KIRO-Tv.  I have very fond memories of Ellensburg ,consider it "home", and will never forget all the friends I had there. Hope some of them remember me! - REALLY appreciate being invited.
Lin (Linda Salter) Roberts
  •  My life in a nutshell since Graduation 69    ...Lin (Linda Salter) Roberts

    My dad's excitement of owning that 200 acre ranch in Kittitas brought us East from Seattle suburbia, (Kirkland WA) away from my 17 yrs of friends in one school district.  Life changed and I was adjusting albeit slowly.  I had brought my trusty horse with me so I did have a confidant prior to  you all welcoming me to EHS – country style!  Plus my old friend Diane Chunn had moved to the E’burg area too, so that was good!  J

    I took Agriculture classes (still refer back to that stuff!!) in lieu of HomeEc, drove a tractor in my bikini, cut hay and loaded 100lb hay bales onto semi-s instead of hitting the beach to tan or gallop my horse along the shore…..or shopping at Nordies. Big change for me but I have to admit it was a blast and gave me a year+ of fond memories!
    After our graduation I headed to Los Angeles for airline school ................graduated with wings and flew off to begin the most fabulous years of my life!
    Somewhere during my 20 yr airline career of  (mainly with Alaska Airlines marketing), I had 3 boys; Brett (IT guru Vegas), Scott deceased and Mike (Police Sgt in NM, pilot), was a doll model from 1982-92 - Hollywood Fashion Girl  (I know you saw me hanging in the grocery stores for $3.97... dumped my picture in the trash as you took the doll outa the pkg).  Had a greeting card line (Lin’s Private Collection) that was bought out ~ but I did have stock standing proudly next to Hallmark cards for awhile!

    Got into the aircraft parts / aircraft maintenance marketing world in the early 90s. and here I am still in aviation with my big ol airplanes...working in a Mojave Space Port hangar (Business Development/Marketing/PR) amongst the pilot flight test school and nearby, Rutan's SpaceShip 2 and Branson's Galactic White Knight 2 getting ready for space travel.

    Since I own horses (cha ching as you know), fainting goats…soon to add alpacas, have
    NativeSkyRanch products, etc,  I will work my day job til I drop but that's OK......the young pilots will feel sorry for old granny propped up in my hangar office and say  "Gosh I sure hope I plan my retirement better than that old Sky Hag!!"  My new trick is hands free riding with my feisty mare Sky.  She and I are doing quite well……….but don’t look for us at a clinic near you soon  (except Mayo).

    My life has been...like all of ours....a wild ride at times but I'll always have my history....the basics I learned from my youth and the friends who were with me during those frustrating  teenage yrs  .......PRICELESS.
    Sorry I will miss the 40th EHS reunion and seeing you all.  Have a wonderful time ~ stay well!  See you, God willing at the 50th ~  Lin


Linda Rogers
  • After attending CWU I taught in Grangeville, ID, then moved back to Ellensburg with my husband and 2 daughters. After receiving my masters from CWU I got a job in Juneau, AK. Lived there for 12 years until both girls graduated. Got the opportunity to work in Ohio for a few years, then followed my girls to Boise, Idaho where I currently work part-time in a school with elementary Special Needs kids. BJ is now a nurse at an orthopedic clinic and Hollie just got her accounting degree. I have 2 grandchildren in the area and one on the way. I've been widowed for a few years and now have a significant other with whom I spend a lot of time country dancing. We teach dance lessons to all ages. We also sponsor a free country dance at this beautiful hall in Boise and usually have over 80 people in attendance from 2 years old to 92. We also DJ events with a country flare. See you at the reunion on Saturday night.
Diane (Chunn) Starzman
  • I have lived in the Columbia Basin since 1979.  My husband and I have two kids, Crystal 27, and Bret 25. Crystal and her husband gave us a grandson July 2008.  I have been divorced for a number of years.  I work at a local medical clinic.  I still enjoy riding horses with my friends as my apt is not large enough for a horse.  I enjoy traveling as much as possible.
Pat (Worst) Stoltman
  • Pat (Worst) Stoltman:    Forty years … can you believe it!!  After graduation, I attended CWSC and then married John Stoltman (EHS – ’67).  We moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi, shortly thereafter and have lived here for 36 years.  We have been blessed with two remarkable kids; Katie, 30, who graduated from MS State University with a degree in nutrition and health science.  She is married and expecting our first grandchild in September.  Chris, our 26 year-old son, also graduated from MS State with a degree in ag engineering and is currently manager of a large sod farm in North Mississippi.  My primary vocation has been housewife and mom, but I also worked at Farm Press Publications for over 20 years, and for the past eight years have been employed by the Delta Regional Authority, a federal/state agency established by Congress to help 252 economically depressed counties in an eight-state region.   We’re very involved with our church and have also been fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling over the years.  All-in-all, life is good … not perfect, but we’re grateful to the Lord for all He has done!  Because of the arrival of our new grandbaby, I won’t be able to attend the reunion, but trust it’ll be a great time of fun and fellowship.  I’d love to hear from you, and if you ever get anywhere close to the Delta, please come by for a visit!!


Franki Parker Storlie
  • Hello Dear Classmates, I have lived in Ellensburg since graduating and have been happily married to John Storlie for 38 years!   We have an awesome son, Sam.   I currently work as the Executive Coordinator to the CEO at Kittitas Valley Community Hospital and it is a very rewarding job.  But my main passion is assisting my son, Sam, in managing our family’s ranch called the “Parker Ranch” located in the Umptanum/Wenas area.  Sam, my sister Mickey, and I have a herd of beautiful Black Angus cattle.  My husband also gets in on the adventures of running the ranch as well.   We were able to place the timber and Umptanum creek acreage on our ranch into a conservation easement with the wonderful assistance of and collaboration with Cascade Land Conservancy. My extracurricular activities include hiking, fishing, hunting, teaching Native American cultural classes and I will be publishing a book.  I love the great outdoors and spend most of my time outside! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our upcoming reunion!  Best wishes to all of you,


 Ralph Strand
  • Hay Farmer
    Grandpa to Ben & Sam
    Hobby:  Restoring Street Rod (present project 1935 Chev Coupe)


Michael K. Swan
  • Professor at Washington State University


Debbie Fields Willits
Sandra Evens Winegar
  • I have been married 36 years to Dan. We have 2 children, Chad 30 and Heather 28. 1 beautiful granddaughter Taylor who is 3. I started working at Memorial Hospital right after high school as a medical secretary. I was going to work there just long enough to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Now I finally know. RETIRE!